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Ranjith come out with a powerful reaction to the ban of Leela !

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Renjith come out with a powerful reaction to the ban of Leela !

Director Ranjith who always known for his strong stand against issue in Mollywood once again come out with strong stand, this time against an issue which troubles his latest film Leela. Producers association is all set to ban Leela from screening it here in Kerala, as Renjith had went against them in the strike that they conducted 2 months back related to the remuneration issue of the technicians.

Ranjith who is also a member of producers association went on with the filming of his new film Leela, starring Biju Menon and written by Unni R, despite the producers association had ordered every members of their association to stop their production of movies. Ranjith who is also the producer of the film, continued the shoot agreeing to the remuneration percentage asked by the technicians association.

Ranjith had said that if he had not allowed to screen his film in theaters, he will make the CD’s of the film and will sell it by making a stall in front of the Producers association office. Renjith said that they are planning to release the film in this coming April and if they don’t get the permission to screen it, then they will look for other ways just like the one we just mentioned above. Producers Association president Suresh Kumar said that the action was taken against Renjith and his film by the committee conducted by the producers association unanimously as a part of the disciplinary action against him.

B Unnikrishnan, the General Secretary of Technicians association named FEFKA, said that they will try their maximum to solve the issue and will support Renjith in this matter. Leela was a film based on the story written by Unni R, years back and Unni R himself written the screenplay of this film as well. It is for the first time that Renjith is directed a movie written by some other. Usually he writes the screenplay of the films he directs as he himself is one of the most prolific screenplay writers in Mollywood.

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