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Rima Kallingal hints at penning script for Parvathy’s directorial debut

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Rima Kallingal hints at penning script for Parvathy’s directorial debut

Of late, several actors have expressed their interest in trying a hand in filmmaking. Prithviraj Sukumaran was the last entrant to the club of actor-turned-filmmakers from Malayalam. Recently, in an interview, actress Rima Kallingal was asked if she has any such plans. Rima affirmed that she certainly wants to involve more in the process of filmmaking.

Rima expressed her wish to concentrate more on writing. She is quoted saying, “I really want to see if I have it in me to write. I might write a script and ask Parvathy to direct it.” It is worth a mention that Parvathy had also recently hinted about her desire to direct a film someday. Both Rima and Parvathy are well known for being outspoken about glorifying misogyny and representation of women in Malayalam cinema. It will be really interesting to see what they deliver if they decide to come together to make a movie.

Parvathy and Rima Kallingal were last seen in ‘Virus’, which was produced by the latter. Though they did not have any combination scenes, both their performances have been well received. The movie directed by Aashiq Abu has got great reviews and is currently doing well at the box office.

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