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Rocketry – The Nambi Effect: Madhavan announces Nambi Narayanan biopic

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Rocketry – The Nambi Effect: Madhavan announces Nambi Narayanan biopic

As we had reported earlier, R Madhavan is starring in the biopic of scientist Nambi Narayanan. The movie has been titled as ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’. Madhavan made the official announcement through social medias. The movie has been planned as a multilingual in three languages – Tamil, English and Hindi. Its first teaser will be released on Wednesday (October 31).

Nambi Narayanan is a former cryogenic division head at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). In 1994, he was falsely charged with espionage and arrested. The charges against him were later dismissed by the CBI in 1996, and the Supreme Court declared him not guilty in 1998. In September this year, the apex court awarded Nambi Narayanan Rs 50 lakh compensation for being subjected to mental and physical torture in the case.

Rocketry – The Nambi Effect is being directed by Anant Mahadevan and Madhavan will be appearing in multiple looks in the movie. It is easily one of the most challenging roles in the actor’s two-decade-long career. The movie is based on Nambi Narayanan’s book ‘Ready to fire: How India and I survived the ISRO spy case’, which details about the controversial case and his infamous arrest. In the book, he has written about the mental trauma he suffered during the spy case framed against him.

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