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Sabumon again with controversial statement in Mohanlal issue

It was an eventful last 30 days for Sabumon Abdu Samad, the popular Mini screen anchor and cine artist. All that had begun with his alleged insulting of Mohanlal and his Late Father through a Facebook comment. That had really landed him into trouble and the online attack by Mohanlal fans and film lovers at first made him to deactivate his facebook account and hide from the attack.

Later the director who was getting ready to make a film for his production house had pulled out from the project saying that he was not at all interested to make his film for such person who had insulted the Great Mohanlal. It was a film announced with Asif Ali and Sunny Wayne in the lead named St. Peter’s Day. After that Sabumon came out with an apology to Mohanlal for unknowingly insulting him and his father out of anger. But that was not at all accepted by the film lovers and Mohanlal fans.

Sabumon again with controversial statement in Mohanlal issue

Then days before Sabumon told to the world with a status on his reactivated Facebook page that he has left the popular television program named Take it easy which he was doing in Mazhavil Manorama Channel. The news came after that Manorama had stopped showing that program and rule him out of the program due to his negative publicity he obtained in the insulting of Mohanlal issue and also due to the mass protest of the fans of Mohanlal, the mightiest people force or fans force in Mollywood.

But Now Sabumon’s comment on that status claiming that he had not left that program fearing Mohanlal or Mohanlal fans. But he said that he himself opted his exit from that program as he believes that this is the right time to do it. He said it in a reply to one of his followers who asked whether his decision to quit the program is based on the issues and online attacks that happened in social media against him recently regarding the so called insulting of the legendary actor Mohanlal. Anyway this denial of Sabumon now seems will bring more trouble to him as it is like a challenge to already angry fans of Mohanlal and film lovers.

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