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Sabumon reacted to the fake news about his involvement in the death of Kalabhavan Mani

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Sabumon reacted to the fake news about his involvement in the death of Kalabhavan Mani

Yesterday, a news spread through social media which said that Kerala Police is now looking for popular Television Anchor and actor Sabumon Abdusamad related to the death of actor Kalabhavan Mani. The news said that Sabumon was flown from the state after the death of Kalabhavan Mani as police found out that he had some connections related to Mani’s death.

The news spread in the names of a news channel in Kerala said that Sabumon was there with Kalabhavan Mani I his house before Mani was hospitalized. The news said that it was Sabumon who bring some alcohol to Mani’s house and gave it to him. That alcohol resulted in the death of Mani as per the news. But later the channel itself said that they had not given such a news and it is a fake one spreading using their name. Sabumon also reacted to it furiously.

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He said that if he gets the one who did this, in his hand, then will beat him to a bad condition and then hand him over to the police. He is ready to face any consequences for doing such an act. He said that he went to meet Kalabhavan Mani in his house. But he did not gave him any alcohol or so. It was a friendly visit and there was people like Jaffer Idukki etc were there. He said that he departed from there early as he had to attend a program at Mar Evanios College.

Sabu,on also said that he is not hidden or flown away to any other place and is still at his home in Kayamkulam. Police not came to question him either. He said that there was no problems between him and Kalabhavan Mani and the news about Kalabhavan Mani’s hand in the shelving of a project which is said to be produced by Sabu is also fake. Sabu said that it was shelved due to some other reasons. It was a project designed for director Sajan and he had acted in Sajan’s latest flick Oru Murai vanthu parthaaya recently as well.

Sabumon said that the fake news seems to have originated from gulf countries and he had already given complaint to the cyber cell.

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