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Sai Pallavi is in confusion about her acting career

Sai Pallavi in Premam Malayalam movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Sai Pallavi is the most popular name in Mollywood now with the great success of the film Premam and the unbelievable reach of the character she played. The character named Malar has made success and reach which cannot be said in mere words as the success of the film is really depended on this character somehow. There are many lovable and well performed characters in this flick but nothing got more attention than the character named Malar who is the second love of the lead character name George played by Nivin Pauly.

Malar is a Tamil girl and a college lecturer as well. Sai Pallavi, this girl with pimples had really conquered the hearts of Malayali audience specially of the young people and her character name was really become a trend in social media circles after the release of the movie. But according to reports Sai Pallavi is in a state of confusion regarding whether to continue with her acting career or not.

That is mainly because of two things. The first reason is that the success of the character named Malar had gone to a level which is beyond her level to control it and now her responsibility as an actress was damn high. Premam was her debut film and taking up so much responsibility from her second film as an actress is a great challenge and she fears that if she can be able to do it or not.

The second reason is that many people had sent her letters in which they said to her that not to act in any other films as they want to see her only as Malar. Sai Pallavi says that she is happy to know that people loves her a lot but at the same time it gives her the fear as well about living up to their expectation all the time and it sometimes seems very difficult for her.

She said that it was Aphonse Puthren who made her an actress and without his support and guidance she would not have this success. It was he who told her that with pimples she looks more pretty.

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