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Salman Khan says kissing scenes are not necessary in a film

Salman Khan says kissing scenes are not necessary in a film

Salman Khan the name is enough for Bollywood film lovers and we can say that he is undoubtedly the Bollywood star with biggest star value right now in the industry. Salman Khan is the only star in Bollywood who have the capability to give an all-time blockbuster or a record breaker every year in Bollywood and of course there is Aamir Khan too but his films comes once in two years or so. Other stars like Shah Rukh khan has great star value but not as consistent as Salman Khan in the box office performance. Salman Khan’s previous release Bajrangi Bhaijaan is now the 2nd highest grosser ever made in India and second only to Aamir Khan starrer PK.

Apart from his popularity as an actor he is very popular among people for his great charity activities and association with Being Human. Even in Bollywood if you ask one they will say that Salman khan is a man with great heart and does his best to care people. Even though there are some dark incidents happened in his life like including the hit and run case he made all his effort to patch it up doing whatever he can for the poor and needy people. Another thing for which he is famous for in Bollywood is his great support for young and upcoming actors. Actors like Arjun Kapoor, Pulkit etc had openly said that Salman is the one who really made them what they are today.

Now Salman Khan is launching a fresh face named Sooraj Pancholi through the film named Hero of which he is co-producer. Salman Khan said last day that he did told the makers that if it is not necessary for the film then there will not be any kissing scenes in that film. Salman Khan is of the opinion that kissing scene is not at all necessary for a film or for its success.

He had not done much kissing in his films till date and it is the quality of the film that matters for its success not any kissing or something like that. He also said that he will launch another hero in the coming production venture of his and that one will not be from any film family.

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