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Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya in Nambi Narayanan biopic

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Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya in Nambi Narayanan biopic

As we already know, R Madhavan is starring in the biopic of scientist Nambi Narayanan. The movie titled as ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’ also marks Madhavan’s directorial debut. Shoot for the movie is currently progressing at a brisk pace. Latest buzz is that Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya will be appearing in cameo roles in the movie. While SRK is expected to appear in the Hindi version, Suriya will be reprising the role in Tamil. It is very much possible since Madhavan shares a very good rapport with both the actors. SRK had released the movie’s first look poster through his Twitter handle, while Suriya had openly expressed his wish to be a small part of such a prestigious film.

‘Rocketry’, said to be one of the most challenging films in Madhavan’s career, will have him appearing in multiple looks. For the last few months, the actor had been in the process of putting on weight as they shot his aged portions first. Recently, he had released a video featuring his stunning fat-to-fit transformation in just twelve days.

Initially, Madhavan was supposed to direct the film jointly with Anant Mahadevan but the latter opted out due to some unknown reasons.
Prajesh Sen, a journalist-turned-filmmaker from Kerala, who directed the Jayasurya starrer ‘Captain’, is now part of ‘Rocketry’ team as the co-director. Prajesh had earlier made a documentary on Nambi Narayanan, which was noted widely.

Nambi Narayanan was a cryogenic division head at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). In 1994, he was falsely charged with espionage and arrested. The charges against him were later dismissed by the CBI and the Supreme Court declared him not guilty. ‘Rocketry’, the movie, has been planned as a multilingual in three languages – Tamil, English and Hindi.

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