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Shaji Kailas explains the reason behind not doing Karnan with Mammootty !

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It’s now, the reports about the movie Karnan everywhere which is not even started filming. As you all know the main reason behind that is the announcing of two project at the same time based on the same character and that too with leading stars playing the lead in both the films. One is with Prithviraj in the lead which will be conceiving by RS Vimal and another will be with Mammootty in the lead which will be conceived by Madhupal. RS Vimal himself will script for his film and P Sreekumar is the writer of Madhupal-Mammootty team’s Karnan. The latest on the film had come from director Shaji Kailas, as he said that he wanted to do this project almost 5 years back and later decided not to do it.

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Shaji Kailas said that he read the screenplay of the film written by Sreekumar 5 years before. It was a terrific screenplay and the effort Sreekumar took for a long 18 years to write the script is evident in that script. Shaji Kailas says he really wished to make it as a film as well. Mammootty was so much interested in making it as a film and playing the lead role in it. But Shaji Kailas says that the film needed a big budget that Malayalam cinema had never used before and there was no producer at all to finance such a big movie. That is the reason why he chose to not to do the film.

P Sreekumar said to media that the film has got a producer who is ready to invest big money on this film and it will have a budget around 50 crore rupees. He had told that before Shaji Kailas, director Hariharan also wanted to make this as a film. Mohanlal was his first choice to play the lead and later when Mammootty shows interest to do it as it was one of his dream characters, Mohanlal happily given the project to Mammootty saying that Mammootty will be more suitable to play the role.

Prithviraj also showed interest in the script but unfortunately not able to read it due to some commitments, says Sreekumar.

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