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Shankar’s Enthiran 2 coming to smash Baahubali records ?

Shankar’s Enthiran 2 coming to smash Baahubali records

Shankar who has been the magic behind films like Mudhalvan, Indian, Anniyan, Enthiran, I etc is all set to prove his space in Tamil cinema with his Enthiran 2.There has been people who believed that Shankar is the only Indian film director and producer who is capable of doing big budget movies. But with the movie Baahubali by SS Rajamouli those thoughts were proved wrong that there are ones who can bring out movies with a huge budget and collect it back.

This has truly made Shankar depressed that his name in the industry is slipping. Now Shankar is trying to do his best through his next project as this Rajamouli’s blow with Baahubali has struck this showman of Indian Cinema. Shankar also feels that the name, Showman of Indian Cinema which belonged to him could be Rajamouli’s as he has shown the world what he is up for. So this veteran director is all set to give his competition to Baahubali by making Enthiran 2 with a budget of 250 crores equalling the competition.

May be he is trying to show who does the best with such a budget. Anyway it’s Shankar Vs Rajamouli and Enthiran 2 Vs Baahubali.Everywhere sources said that this would really strike Shankar as he was that person who have been using this technique. After the success of Baahubali sources confirms that Shankar has been on his way to make his Enthiran come back for its second part. Now it seems that the sources have been true and Shankar is planning to start the shoot by January 2016.

Like the first part Enthiran, the second part will also be starred by Rajinikanth. The previous film of Shankar I did not yield what Shankar had in mind, but the performance and hard work of Vikram was appreciated and it was an above average success. But comparing to other blockbuster hits of Shankar I failed to fit in Shankar’s lane, it lacked content. So Shankar is thinking of a comeback after his not so great commercial success I. There are also sources that Shankar is trying to make his Enthiran 2 for smashing the records created by Baahubali. May be its Rajamouli’s movie that is the driving force of Shankar to bring back his magic touch to the big canvas.

This will be also a challenge for Shankar that previously it was Shankar’s Enthiran who has been leading the Box Offices in India and worldwide but now it’s all undertaken by Baahubali. So this could be actually a prestige issue for Shankar to get back the place which belonged to him through Enthiran before. Sources from the industry has also confirmed that Enthiran 2 is Shankar’s dream project. Is Shankar’s Robot Mission potent enough to break the records of Baahubali ? Let’s wait and watch and hope this time Shankar cast his spell on the right time.

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