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Sivakarthikeyan attacked by Kamal Haasan Fans

Sivakarthikeyan attacked by Kamal Haasan Fans

Sivakarthikeyan got beaten by Kamal Haasan fans at Madurai Airport

A really unfortunate incident has happened at Tamilnadu today in which actor Sivakarthikeyan got beaten up by fans of Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan at Madurai airport. When Sivakarthikeyan came out of the airport the fans of Kamal Haasan who were waiting outside the airport abused him and also beaten him. Security intervened very quickly before the situation got worse for the actor and saved him from the hands of angry fans of Kamal Haasan.

The real issue behind the incident was related to a film named Varutha Pedatha Valibar Sangham in which Sivakarthikeyan played the lead role. In that film the character played by Sivakarthikeyan tried to mock Kamal Haasan’s emotional speech which he made when the ban on Vishwaroopam was made. Kamal Haasan in his speech said that he will have to leave the state or country if he is denied his freedom to express through his films. Sivakarthikeyan’s character in the above mentioned film mocked at that speech by imitating it somewhat in a mediocre issue in the film’s story.

But the fact remains that it was the screenwriter and director of the film who is responsible for such a scene in the film more than the actor who performed it on the screen as what he has given to perform or what he had instructed to do. Anyway Sivakarthikeyan had to suffer the abuse of the angry fans who loves Kamal Haasan. There is no reaction from Sivakarthikeyan or the people who is responsible for such a scene which has come out and Kamal Haasan also has not reacted against this who usually does not approve such actions from any of his fans. Let’s wait and see what is coming next in the line regarding this incident.

Already Tamil cinema industry is moving ahead to some big troubles due to some internal issues in the organizations there. There was news that a big rift has happened between the Vishal Group and Sarath Kumar group in the Actors association there and the whole film world has divided into two groups.

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