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Sreenivasan reacts to Rajive Ravi’s comments

Sreenivasan reacts to Rajive Ravi’s comments-Onlookers Media

At last actor/director Sreenivasan replied to the comments made about him By Director and Cinematographer Rajeev Ravi. Rajeev Ravi in an interview to South Live website told that Sreenivasan’s film does not good enough to bring any changes in society and it has not done anything good to common people. He told that he did not like the scripts of Sreenivasan at all. He says he is against the concept that script is the backbone of a film and he wants to burn down the scripts before the shoot starts. He also criticized master director Mani Ratnam too in that interview.

Firstly, Sreenivasan’s son Vineeth sreenivasan came out through his Facebook page with a reply to Rajeev Ravi and Vineeth said mockingly that he relay now wants to study that art of making film without scripts. Later Actress/director Geethu Mohandas, who is the wife of Rajeev Ravi came out supporting him that it was his personal opinion and people had to respect that first before criticizing him too much. While all this were happening, Sreenivasan was sitting quiet and at last he opened his mouth and gave a reply to Rajeev Ravi’s comments in an interview in ‘Meow’ entertainment program in India vision Channel.

Sreenivasan said that everybody has the right to criticize cinema. Everyone had to respect that also. But if one says he hates someone’s films it is just like a personal insult. Rajeev said he hates Sreenivasan’s film and it was like insulting a film personality. Sreenivasan also said Mockingly that it seems that his films had gave Rajeev ravi a bite and may be that’s why he hates those films.

Sreenivasan also said that Police should arrest those film makers who make films with ganja in their brains. He said that those kind of persons will ruin the film industry. They thinks that they will become intellectuals by using ganja and they are on the way to destroy Malayalam cinema with those kind of films. Anyway, Rajeev ravi who criticized the politics of Sreenivasan films got a reply from the man himself in the famous Sreenivasan style. Now let’s see what happens next.

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