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Suraj Venjaramoodu’s epic reply to KRK!

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Suraj Venjaramoodu’s epic reply to KRK!

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK who had recently tweeted on Mohanlal playing the role on Bheeman in the Hindu epic movie The Mahabharata had faced a real bad time. KRK who had insulted Mohanlal compared him as Chotta Bheem, a cartoon character on basis of his size. Soon Mohanlal fans had trolled the star online followed by Mammootty fans. The fans have commented abusive against him and have posted heroic images of Mohanlal. Many celebrities from our industry had also targeted the star and used the social media to express their views.

Lately actor Suraj Venjaramoodu had published a Facebook post giving the star an epic reply for his tweets made. It reads:

Mr. KRK, Don’t ever try to play with the pride of our land Mohanlal, who has proudly received awards for his versatile and realistic acting which is equal to 100 or more times your age. We are Malayalis, and don’t expect your family to receive your ashes! Keep in mind! And one more thing, first of all go and watch some flicks of the complete actor and study acting, and later see yourself on the mirror and weep! following slap yourself four times! You should never be called a joker as it is an insult for jokers. Sorry for responding late…

Mohanlal who had announced that he be be playing Bheeman in the Hindu epic days back has not yet responded. The Mahabharata is the second costliest movie made in Asia and costliest in India funded by business tycoon BR Shetty for a gigantic 1000 crores budget. The movie is penned by legendary MT Vasudevan Nair based on his Award winning novel Randamoozham. The movie is expected to commence shooting by September 2018 and would have a multilingual release as two parts in 2020.

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