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Suresh Gopi opens up about I

Suesh Gopi in I tamil movie-Shankar-Vikram-Onlookers Media

Suresh Gopi talked about his Tamil movie in a recent interview. When asked what his real motive for doing the movie was, he replied that the only reason is the director Shankar. He called Shankar a wide lensed filmmaker.  He said Shankar has the ability to envision things beyond our ordinary vision. He also added that Sankar movie always have something new to offer and that his journey with his characters and story are as interesting as science fiction. He also made a comment on the main theme and said that the movie is about love.

He said that the movie demonstrates what a man can do for his love and how much pain love can cause. He noted that that the movie deals with the modern aspects of love. He said that the movie is romantic thriller. He remarked that he is not allowed to reveal the details of his character, except that his character is a doctor.  He also hinted that his character will provide the main plot with a ‘thunderbolt revelation.’  To the dismay of his fans, he made it clear that he does not have fight sequences in the movie. He said that he knows that the climax would be a wonderful treat.

He also confirmed that the make up artist Ojas Rajani would be doing an important role in the movie. He also heaped praises on Ojas and said that Ojas has delivered a stellar performance in the movie. He said that he is doing the movie of a director who has hunted his excellence as a performer.  When asked about the release, he said that the movie might release in the Diwali season or so. He said that when it comes to Shankar movies, it is not important when the movie release but what impact the movie has.

Fans of Suresh Gopi were a bit disappointed since he was nowhere to be seen in the trailers of the movie. It is quite possible that Suresh Gopi might be the surprise package Shankar has in store for us. Vikram plays the protagonist in the movie. Amy Jackson, Prabhu, Santhanam, Ramkumar and many other actors also participate in the movie.

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