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Syam Pushkaran to come up with a Mohanlal starer after Maheshinte Prathikaram

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Syam Pushkaran to come up with a Mohanlal starer after Maheshinte Prathikaram

Syam Pushkaran who had recently won the National Award for the Best Scriptwriter is all set to write for Mohanlal. The Maheshinte Prathikaram writer had earlier reported this to an online portal. He also reported that casting Mohanlal in his movie is a dream come true.

The writer who had entered the industry through Aashiq Abu’s superhit movie Salt and Pepper had penned it along with his partner Dileesh Nair. The duo later penned movies like 22 Female Kottayam, Da Thadiya, Idukki Gold, etc. Dileesh had later split and entered direction through Prithviraj starer Tamaar Padaar. Syam had gone to script Maheshinte Prathikaram.

He had written Maheshinte Prathikaram in a style that was soothing for audience of all kind. The movie was unique in many factors both because of the director’s and writer’s brilliance. The movie turned out to become a blockbuster and had won Syam the National Award for the Best Scriptwriter. He is currently penning a Fahad Faasil movie directed by a debutant.

He had expressed his deepest of joy for scripting a Mohanlal movie. Syam who loves the acting of the complete actor plans to pen a movie like Dasaradham or TP Balagopalan which shows off the actor’s quality. It is also reported that he had collected the advance for the movie from the crew.

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