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Tamil people says they do not want Premam Tamil remake !

Tamil people says they do not want Premam Tamil remake !

Premam, the last year Malayalam blockbuster has been a real sensational film as it still making news in social media and still every news related to it is going viral. The film has been a fantastic success all over in Tamil Nadu specially it had ran almost 225 days and still going well. The Telugu remake of the film is already started its filming and Naga Chaithanya playing the lead in the telugu version titled Majnu.

Discussions about Tamil remake is going on and film makers like Selva Raghavn said that Premam can’t be remade to Tamil by anyone as the Malayalam version is just perfect and can’t be remade in Tamil with any existing actors and directors there. Now, a Tamil Facebook page named Awesome Machi had started a campaign titled ‘Say no to Premam Tamil’ They are saying that they are not at all eager to see the film in Tamil and they had given certain reasons for that as well.

The first reason is that the audience is already in love with the character named Malar played by Sai Pallavi and do not want see another one as Malar in the Tamil version. The second reason is that they already knows who really Celin is, in that film and what is Red Velvet Cake. Third reason is that they had already started fans associations for Malar and Celin after watching premam and can’t do it once again. Forth reason says that the film is already completed 200 days in Tamil Nadu and still running there.

5th reason says that they are already in love with the song Malare Ninne and can sing it now very well even though they don’t know Malayalam language. The 6th reason says that half of the movie is already in Tamil language as the character Malar is a Tamilian in the film. Now no need to make it in Tamil again. 7th reason is that the other half of the film which is not in Tamil language is in understandable Malayalam and so a remake is not needed to understand it.

The 8th reason tells that they had already watched the film a lot of time till now and now can’t watch a remake of that as well. The 9th and last reason says that they are not at all dumb enough to watch the same movie remake in the same language.

Anyway this is going viral in social media and once again it proves the impact this film had all around.

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