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Temporary ban for PK

Temporary ban for PK-Aamir Khan-Onlookers Media

It seems that even after the supreme court of India rejected the plead ban Pk, the film is temporarily stopped running its shows in certain areas. It seems that now pk have to take some rest because of  all the protests. According to some theater owners the film had decided to stop the shows as the protest by Hinudtva supporters had gone wild nationwide. They are moving forward with the campaign of Boycott Pk by saying that the film just insulted their religion and also hurt their religious sentiments with its scenes and dialogues. They had already filed a petition in the supreme court of India and after hearing, the supreme court had ruled in favour of the film much to the dismay of the protesters.

Yesterday some Muslim supports also came out against the film and things are not looking in good shape at all. The people who wants to ban pk had already made attack in theaters where pk is showing and that happened in many parts in india. That also made the people behind the film to stop its running for now. In Gujarat and Madhyaparadesh, Bajrangdal’s protest against the film ended in attack on theaters in which Pk is showing.

Vishwa hindu parishat also intervened in this matter with their protest and they are threatening the theater owners that if they continue to show Pk in their theaters there theater will be attacked and also Vishwa hindu paraishat said in a letter to theater owners that they will file a criminal case against them for supporting pk and thereby hurting their religious sentiments. BJP leader Subramanyam had gone a step ahead by saying that it had to be checked that from where the makers of the film got the money to produce the film. He accused that it may be from Pakistan’s ISI or from Dubai underworld. He appealed for an enquiry in this matter by the directorate of Revenue Intelligence.

The irony is that Popular and Veteran BJP leader L K Advani had saw the film and appreciated in some days before. He said it was a relevant theme in this modern society and he also appreciated Aamir Khan, Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vino Chopra for making such a wonderful film. Now hindutva supporters had turned against L K advani also. The protest against the film is mainly going on in around Ahammadabad, Agra, Bhopal and Jammu etc.

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