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Those who watches the pirated print also doing a crime, says cyber expert

Premam Piracy Issue

Premam issue is still the hot topic in our medias and the investigation is going strongly and as per reports it is going to its climax part with some important links and evidence got by police suggest that. Yesterday and today some arrest were made by police and Anti-Piracy cell from Kollam and the arrested ones are shockingly 3 students studying in Plus one and Plus two. Police said that the students who were arrested had some important connection with a piracy lobby in Kerala and further interrogation of them at Anti-Piracy cell headquarters will give the crucial details regarding the source of leak of the censor copy of the film.

Meanwhile Anti –Piracy cell had confirmed clearly that the print had leaked almost 10 days before the release of the film and police says it may be on May 18th or 19th precisely. In those days that the censoring of the flick had took place at censor board Trivandrum. But after the recent arrest the mother of one of the arrested students came out hard against the police saying that her son is innocent and she is going to move legally to get her son back. She claimed that her son had only seen the print of the film and not uploaded it as they has no computer in their house.

But cyber expert Dr. P Vinod battathirippad said that those who watches the pirated print also doing a crime as per the Anti-Piracy law in our country. He said that along with the ones who plotted this leak and uploaded it through fake IP address, the ones who created that address, the ones who downloaded it from internet and watches it also doing a crime. People directly or indirectly spreading the pirated print by watching it.

The financer of the flick Mr. Anwar Rasheed said that he had given all details and evidences he got to the police and Anti-Piracy cell yesterday and a very crucial development will come in this case on next day. Anti-Piracy cell SP Rajpal Meena also said the same to the medias.

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