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To catch students from theaters is the only job of police..?

Premam Piracy issue-Nivin Pauly React

Premam piracy issue is coming to a close as per the reports as almost the source from which the print leaked out was found out y the police and Anti-Piracy cell. But this issue had raised several question regarding this matter of piracy and the inadequate methods we are using to prevent it. It was a shocking news to hear that while all this investigation is going on the pirated print of the Tamil film named Papanasam starring Kamal Haasan had come in torrent. What this means..? It means that we still cannot even know from where this chain of piracy starts and also have to understand with the current methods we can’t even touch the people behind it. They not even have the slightest fear about being caught as they know that with the current investigation they cannot even be touched by the police.

The leading actor of the film Premam Nivin Pauly had expressed his concerns about the current situation. Nivin says that it was like a robbery when a pirated print comes out and destroys a cinema made using big money. He wonders why there is no news about people who caught in the case of piracy being got punished. The only news comes out about they had been caught. But nothing happens later and that is some kind of a license for these people to go forward with their work.

Nivin Pauly said that the revenue getting from the ticket charge of a film is not only for the financer of the film. It comes to the whole society through the so called entertainment tax and many people related to theater business also make their living by this. If a film runs in a theater with packed house its benefit is for everyone. But watching it in mobile or computer cannot be justified.

He asks that why police is going after the students who comes to watch films by bunking their classes if they can’t control them from downloading films from internet. It was a crime much more serious. Nivin says the culprits have to be punished and it is not only for Premam but for all other films as well.

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