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Torrent sites are not blocked by anti-piracy cell

Torrent sites are not blocked by anti-piracy cell

There has been a news spreading that anti-piracy cell of our state has blocked many torrent sites after finding out that the pirated prints of many of our films are spreading through the torrent sites. The news said that anti-piracy cell had took this action in the light of recent piracy issue of the film Premam and the problems that happened here related to that issue. Most recently ant-piracy cell had arrested some students from Kollam for uploading the pirated print of the film Premam to internet and later found out that they had uploaded it to some torrent websites named and other two sites. That was the reason why the pirated print spread too fast as people visits many torrent sites every day. The news also came in the light of this situation.

But the fact is not this and it was not anti-piracy cell which had blocked the torrent sites. They do not have the authority to block any torrent sites or something like that. Many people are posting in social media that with relation to Premam piracy issue our anti-piracy cell had blocked the torrent sites in which they found the so called censor copy of the flick Premam. But in fact even if they wants to block that site they do not possess the authority and mechanism to block any sits that is a part of Google.

Google Chrome is blocking many torrent sites while people searching for that and leaves a message for the ones who searching for those sites that it can harm their computers by indirectly installing malicious Softwares and they page contains somewhat harmful contents for their personal computer. It was Google themselves had debunked the torrent sites such as Kickass, Torrentz and Extratorrents and not anti-Piracy cell as per the news which is spreading.

Even the site owners has no clue about why Google is blocking their sites and they are in a kind of dilemma too to what to do next to be back at normal working status of their sites. There has been many issues all over the world due to the piracy activities through these torrent sites and that may well be the reason why Google had done this.

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