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Tovino excels with his performance in Maradona!

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Tovino excels with his performance in Maradona!

The growth of Tovino Thomas from a supporting actor to a bankable star is quite remarkable. Over the last two years, the actor has made rapid strides to establish himself as one of the leading stars in Malayalam cinema. After the successful Mayaanadhi, Tovino’s next as a lead actor, Maradona got released yesterday. The movie marks the debut of director Vishnu Narayan and writer Krishnamoorthy.

Maradona tells the story of two Malayali youngsters, Sudhi and Maradona, who are into ‘quotation’ and other odd jobs to see quick money. They are forced to be on the run after messing with a highly influential politician. The story is primarily centred around Maradona, who takes shelter with one of his relatives in Bengaluru. The movie explores how the people around influence him to become a better person.

Tovino gets to showcase two shades of Maradona effortlessly – one of a ruthless guy who is willing to do anything for money and the other when he slowly goes through the redemption phase. The actor is particularly impressive in the portions where the evil guy in Maradona wakes up. His cold-blooded nature is evident from his behaviour towards the little girl and the dog.

On the other hand, the boyish charm with which Tovino performs in the romantic portions is a true delight to watch. He was complemented well by debutante Sharanya R Nair, who essayed the role of Asha. Their romance track is one of the movie’s major high points. The chemistry between the two actors has worked wonders on screen.

With Maradona, Tovino has just continued from where he stopped in Mayaanadhi. The actor has some other promising films coming up, namely Theevandi, Oru Kuprasidha Payyan and Maari 2, in which he plays the villain opposite Dhanush. So, looking forward to see more of this wonderful actor.

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