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Unni Mukundan goes through yet another physical transformation; Check out his new pics!

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Unni Mukundan goes through yet another physical transformation; Check out his new pics!

Unni Mukundan is known to be a fitness freak who is willing to go through physical transformations for playing characters convincingly. For his upcoming film ‘Meppadiyan’, he had put on weight. Since he plays an ordinary guy-next-door role in it, Unni gained body fat, which included a pot belly. After the completion of its shoot, he had informed that he will be shedding all the extra weight in 3 months time. He had also put up a challenge with his followers to share their transformation photos.

After 3 months, Unni has now shared photos of his new look. The actor has shed 16 kilos as he brought it down from 93 kgs of fat body to 77 kgs of fit body. Along with thanking his fitness trainer, Unni also congratulated all those who took part in the fitness challenge and thanked them for motivating him. A video that captures the rigorous process of his physical transformation will be out soon.

In his social media handle, Unni has written,

You are more Powerful than You think You Are…

So this is it ! From 93 kgs of fat Bod to 77kgs of Fit Bod !!

I thank everyone who was a part of this #3MFitnessChallenge #FitnessWithUM. Thank you everyone who stayed along this journey. Congratulations to all those who did manage to finish and bring the change they set forth to. Thanks to those who shared their transformed images with me ! Each message and image from you guys motivated me.

I had gained the body fat for Meppadiyan. I was 93kgs. It was one hell of a ride for me. Shedding 16kgs in 3 months time. If I can do it ,
anybody can. Remember, You never train the Body, You always train the Mind. Envision what You want and believe that you can achieve your goals. Because, thoughts becomes words and Words becomes Actions. Thank You all😇

Thanks to Ranjith,
My trainer Praveen for their support.

Dream It… Aim it… Get it !!! Is my mantra and I live by it.

P.S: The team that’s working on the video tested positive. I was informed about the possible delay again. Sorry for that, hence the images. Video will come as and when people recover. Till then Stay safe and love all

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