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Valatty wrapped up; Vijay Babu calls it history in the making!

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Valatty wrapped up; Vijay Babu calls it history in the making!

We had earlier reported about Friday Film House producing a dog film titled ‘Valatty’. The film directed by debutant Devan is an experimental film featuring real dogs. After almost three months of shoot, the makers called it a wrap last day. Producer Vijay Babu rated it as the most challenging project of his career. According to him, it is history in the making as the film has 9 dogs playing central characters.

As claimed per the makers, ‘Valatty’ will be the first Indian film with real dogs playing the lead characters without the help of VFX. A Golden Retriever, a Rottwieler, a Cocker Spaniel and an Indian country dog will be seen as the main characters named as Tomy, Amalu, Bruno and Karidas. The dogs were being trained for the last one year for this film.

Along with the dogs, some known actors are also be part of the film. Vishnu Panicker has handled camera and edits are being done by Ayoob Khan. Debutant Varun Sunil is the music director. It remains to be seen if the makers wait for a theatrical release for a film as unique as this.

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