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Vijayakanth making a movie similar to Baahubali for his son

Vijayakanth making a movie similar to Baahubali for his son

Vijayakanth is planning to make a movie alike of Baahubali for his son. As Baahubali was well received by the audience everywhere all over the world, after watching the movie, Vijayakanth also thought about doing a movie like this casting his son. Vijayakanth younger son Shanmuga Pandian will be casted in this movie. And this movie alike of Baahubali will be dealing with a mythological story. As per reports, Vijayakanth will be the producer of this movie too. They are also planning to bring Tamannaah for the female role who did an extraordinary performance in Baahubali.

This project is planned for Shanmuga Pandian whose debut movie was not a success and hopes for a great start with this project with his father Vijayakanth. Vijayakanth who is popularly known as Captain Vijayakanth was a leading star in the early 80’s and 90’s. Vijayakanth is planning this project to give a successful project for his son which will mark his entry in Kollywood industry. Vijayakanth is a much-celebrated celebrity and politician is he was always among the people.

He has done more than 150 films and is one among the stars who has only acted in Tamil films. Some of the films has been dubbed later into Telugu and Hindi. With his performance in the movie Captain Prabhakaran in 1991, he came to be known as Captain Vijayakanth. Another major movie of his is Vaanathaippola which was a huge hit and won the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment.

Vijayakanth is accredited with many recognitions including the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in 1986. He was also awarded the Best Citizen by the Indian Government in 2001. Since Shanmuga Pandian is looking for a success from this movie, Vijayakanth will be working more on the project as to make a visual treat like Baahubali was made. Maybe it’s because of that reason why Vijayakanth thought of doing a movie alike of Baahubali for his son. He has thought of the idea where this project can be massively entertaining and special like Baahubali by SS Rajamouli. Hope this project comes out well and Vijayakanth’s hard work for making his son an actor succeeds with this upcoming project.

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