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Vijay’s cycle ride to polling booth grabs nationwide attention

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Vijay’s cycle ride to polling booth grabs nationwide attention

Tamil actor Vijay and his bicycle ride to cast his vote has become a sensational topic of discussion. The ‘Sarkar’ star made a stunning entry to the polling both at Neelankarai in Chennai as he rode all the way from his house nearby. The video of Vijay pedalling amidst heavy security and several of his fans and onlookers have gone viral across all social media platforms.

It has been widely speculated that the bicycle ride was Vijay’s silent statement against the hike in fuel prices. Soon after this theory circulated online, Vijay’s cycle ride grabbed nationwide attention as medias across the country reported about it. The star was lauded by several anti-BJP supporters for his courageous act.

However, his publicist Riaz K Ahmed has clarified that Vijay decided to ride to the polling both to ensure avoid parking problems in the narrow street where the polling booth was located. He has tweeted,

“Thalapathy Vijay decided to go by cycle instead of using the car because the poll booth was right next to his residence and taking the car might have congested the road even more. There was no other intention behind it!”

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