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Vikram going to play the lead in Thanmathra Hindi remake ?

Vikram going to play the lead in Thanmathra Hindi remake ?

We earlier reported the news that director Blessy is all set to remake his most successful movie Thanmathra in to Hindi. Blessy said that he will do the Hindi remake of Thanmathra before starting the work of his big budget film Aadu Jeevitham based on Benyamin’s Novel with Prithviraj in the lead. But at that time Blessy did not reveal much about the star cast of the film. Everybody was very eager to know who is going to play the central character in the film which was actually played by The Complete Actor Mohanlal in the Malayalam version.

Now, a report doing its round in social media that Chiyan Vikram is roped in to play the lead role. Vikram ha earlier said to media that the character played by Mohanlal in Thanmathra is always the most favorite character of his and he will love to play that character if the film remade in Tamil. If the reports are true, he is been approached to play the lead in Hindi version of the film. Vikram had earlier acted in the Hindi version of Mani Ratnam’s Raavan and got great appreciation for his performance.

It is not easy to play and win the hearts of the audience if one is playing a character actually played by Mohanlal in the original version. That is the perfection and naturality he brings to the characters while acting. This is the reason why everyone is waiting to know who is going to play his character in Thanmathra remake.

Many people and critics are of the opinion that no one can bring that much perfection to Rameshan Nair other than Mohanlal in Indian Cinema. Even though this report about Vikram is not an officially confirmed one, people are waiting to see it happen.

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