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Vinayakan against Moral Policing

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Vinayakan against Moral Policing

Moral policing incidents are on the rise in Kerala in the past few years. Things took an ugly turn when a group of Shiv Sena activists attacked youngsters, including ladies, with canes in Marine Drive, Kochi. What was more appalling was how police officials watched the whole episode without intervening.

The most ironic thing about it was such an incident occurred on World Woman’s day. The incident was reported nation wide. Shiv Sena was criticised severely by people from all corners of the society. Celebrities have also raised their voice against such incidents.

Actor Vinayakan, who recently won the Kerala State best actor award, in a press meet lashed out against the recurring moral policing incidents in Kerala.

He said, “The world is thriving because of love. Everyone has the right to do what they want, and if you are not allowed to love, why are we living in this world. I don’t understand how people can just like that take a flag and attack lovers. Who gave them the right to all that?

The actor continued, “A major share of the problems happening here are due to the lack of compassion for each other. The Delhi issue, Jisha incident, Sowmya case and more recently one of our colleagues was assaulted, all these are examples. Unfortunately, people are still indulging in moral policing. It’s time for the society to think about it.

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