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Vinayan lashes out hard at Innocent

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Vinayan lashes out hard at Innocent

Association Of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) is currently in a spot of bother after it’s stand in the actress assault case was severely criticised by the medias and the public. Even members within the association have expressed their displeasure in how the issue is being handled.

Adding more salt to the wound, AMMA President and MP Innocent made a controversial remark against female actors during a recent media interaction. When one of the journalists asked Innocent about actress Paravthy’s revelation about the existence of casting couch in Malayalam film industry, he declined it by saying that those are things of the past now and Malayalam film industry is clean today. However, he added that bad women may share bed.

He said, “Those days are long gone. The situation today is that, the moment anyone makes any such attempt, medias will know it immediately. But if the woman is bad, they may share bed.”

Director Vinayan, who has a long standing issue with AMMA has come out hard at Innocent through a note in his Facebook page. Vinayan has written, “Innocent has repeatedly humiliated actresses who have shown the guts to talk in open about the discrimination in Malayalam film industry. Your response to medias’ question about Parvathy’s statement was offensive and criminal. Before making such sexist remarks, you should also remember that you are not just AMMA’s president but also a public representative. Please don’t believe that comedy can save you everytime.”

Innocent, meanwhile has clarified about his controversial remarks with a Facebook post. He has written that his words were twisted and misinterpreted by the medias. The veteran has also assured that AMMA will always be there to oppose any sort of discrimination against women.

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