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Vinayan raised his hands up for Sreenivaasan against Rajeev Ravi

Vinayan raised his hands up for Sreenivaasan against Rajeev Ravi-Onlookers Media

Yes, a new figure comes in the issue of Rajeev Ravi and Sreenivasan. On a funny note we can say it is getting bigger and better for the people and online medias who is looking for exclusive and controversial news to increase their popularity and it is rightly going that way.

At first , it was Vineeth Sreenivasan who raised his voice against Rajeev Ravi. Then comes the support for Rajeev Ravi from his own wife and actress/director Geethu Mohandas. Yesterday Sreenivasan Himself opened his mouth regarding this issue and given a great reply to Rajeev Ravi through an entertainment program in a popular television channel. Now latest entry into this issue is none other than the popular and veteran film director of Mollywood, Vinayan Himself.

Vinayan’s entry was not a surprise as he is always reacted in issues like this earlier also. This time Vinayan came out and supported Sreenivasan. He stood with Sreenivasan in this war of words between Sreenivasan and Rajeev Ravi by saying that Sreenivasan is a great artist. He is one of the best script writer and director we have and the so called New generation film makers are just childs in front of Sreenivasan as talent is concerned. New generation film makers had a false belief that they have the authority to say whatever they want and about whomever they want to. But vinayan said they are nothing in front of an artist of Sreenivasan’s caliber.

Sreenivasan Yesterday said that the use of ganja is increasing among the new generation film makers as they think using it will make them think better and may become an intellectual. He said that it should be discouraged and they has to be arrested by the police if it needed.  Vinayan also stands with Sreenivasan in this matter and said that there have been reports that the new generation film makers are using ganja in large scales and it must enquired by the authorities and must take strict action against it. As far as the issue is concerned, Sreenivasan is getting more and more support from every corner and Rajeev Ravi is seems to have nothing to say.

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