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Vismaya Max is all clear in Premam piracy issue

Vismaya Max is all clear in Premam piracy issue

The Premam piracy issue had given nightmares to everyone who is associated with the film and in the Malayalam film industry as well. Social media played a big part in this as many online pages and sites had become instrumental in spreading fake news about many people and many institutions as well. They just twisted the facts and also the word spoken by Anwar Rasheed about the details of the issue and it had negatively affected many people and technical institutions in our film industry. The people who were dragged in to this unnecessarily was mainly, Mohanlal, B Unnikrishnan and Priyadarshan. Theyu had been dragged in to this because of different misconceptions of the people as well as of the online medias.

Anwar Rasheed had said that technical works of Premam had took place in as much as 3-4 studios and it include Vismaya Max in Trivandrum and Four Frames in Chennai. Mohanlal’s name dragged in to this case because people thought that Mohanlal is still the owner of Vismaya Max. But everybody forgot the fact that Mohanlal had no stake in it now as he had sold it to aries group almost a year ago. B Unnikrishnan’s names dragged in to this as he is one of the major figure in the management of Aries Vismaya Max now.

Priyadarshan is the owner of Four Frames studio Chennai and that itself suggests that why he is been dragged in to this. Everybody misunderstood what Anwar Rasheed said and went after these above mentioned people without any logic and sense.  Yesterday police and Anti-Piracy cell made search and took evidence from Vismaya Max and from the computers there. They said that Vismaya Max is clean and there is no evidence that the print had leaked from there.

They also said that the post-production of the film had not took place there and at Vismaya Max there only took place the adding of statutory warning against smoking and alcohol to be shown in the flick. Later the investigation team also went to censor board and there also nothing can be found and reports says that print is not leaked from there as well. Four Frames Chennai has been cleared earlier as there took place only the mixing of the film.

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