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WhatsApp honored Rajinikanth by making an emoji of him !

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WhatsApp honored Rajinikanth by making an emoji of him !

Superstar Rajinikanth is an emotion for the ones who loves him and now he had become an emoji icon in WhatsApp as well. As per reports WhatsApp had honored Rajinikanth by adding an emoji of him in their icon set prior to the release of Super Star’s next release Kabali. It is for the first time in the history of WhatsApp that an emoji is included in the icon set dedicated to an actor.

It looks like now Rajinikanth Mania will spread through WhatsApp as well through the Rajinikanth icon set by WhatsApp. Some says that emoji of Rajinikanth is added to represent style, as Rajinikanth is considered as a stylish Super Star known for his unique style in everything he does.

The emoji looks like it had made from his looks in the movie Baasha. In that emoji, he wears a coolers and blazers and standing upright with a vintage hair style of his. The Rajinikanth icon comes right under the Football icon in the WhatsApp icon list and now it is trending among the fans of the Super Star.

Rajinikanth is always the man who created history through his films and now he is going to rule the social media platforms as well with his own unique style.

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