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Will do anything for my film, says Prithviraj

Will do anything for my film, says Prithviraj-Onlookers Media

Prithviraj had come of age as an actor and star for last 2 years and his rise from the ashes like a phoenix was really amazing. He had a great last 2 years with quality and quantity. In last two years he had given us films like Celluloid, Mumbai Police, Memories, Kaviya Thalaivan, 7th day, Sapthamsree Thaskaraha etc. His only failures was London Bridge and Tamar Padar. And now he began 2015 with another critically and commercially acclaimed success Picket 43 which has been getting great reports from the very first day of its release. Prithviraj recently told in an interview to a leading Malayalam television channel about his films, attitude towards profession and lot more about his future projects.

He said that Picket 43 is a success where it aptly blends the element of true friendship between two enemy nations and the universal appeal of theme was correctly established by the film. He said that he had to do many worst and not at all convincing films due to various reasons and to complete that kind of films knowing that it will not work with the audience is the biggest challenge he faces as an actor. He said it may be the same for every other actor too.

He also said that to make his film perfect he will do anything and it was his duty to give his 100% or may be more to make what he does the best. He also said that he has the ambition to direct films and his first venture as a director will coming to all in the near future itself. He has plans for it and it is his busy schedule that pulls him back from it sometime ago, when he planned one to direct. But now he has a clear plan in his mind as he said.

In an interview to a Tamil channel some months back that he had a dream combination of Mohanlal and Manju Warrier in mind if get the opportunity to direct a movie. We also hoping for that to happen and see the craftsman in Prithvi very soon.

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