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Mohanlal the only Indian actor in Top 10 of IMDB ‘s greatest actors list

Best actors in world-Mohanlal in IMDB top actors list

Once again a proud moment for Indians as well as Malayalees. Once again it is Mohanlal who brought that moment to cherish forever. Now we can say once again that we are so proud to be a Mohanlal fan as we did in the past and in the future too. The reason behind that is awesome. If you search in google about the top actors or the greatest actors in this world according to the ratings on the IMDB or Internet Movie Database where millions of people daily visits and rates movies and the performances of actors, you can get a list of world’s 51 greatest actors of all time. And in that list our Mohanlal found the 7th spot and he is the only Indian actor in the top 10.

Everyone know that it is a user created list in IMDB. But the the fact is that even if we search in google we get this list at the top and that means the importance and recognition this list has got. Because what comes at the top while searching google for something is the most rated in the case of the searched term. On that ground we can surely say that this IMDB list was the most rated and by that criteria Mohanlal’s inclusion in that list should be recognized and appreciated as well.

In the list we have Charlie Chaplin at the top for his performance in Modern Times. Then comes Marlon Brando for his acting The Godfather and third in the list is Jack Nicholson for the show of his skills in The Shining. The fourth one in the list was Daniel Day-Lewis for his acting in There Will be Blood and the fifth one is Meryl Streep for her amazing performance in The Devil Wears Prada. Tom Hanks secured the 6th position for his performance in Davinci Code and then comes our legend and pride Mohanlal at 7th position for his fantabulous performance in the Hindi film Company directed by Ram Gopal Varma.

The other Indian actors in the list was Kamal Haasan at 10th, Anupam Kher at 11th, Naseeruddin Shah at 13th, Mammootty at 21st, Amitabh Bachchan at 32 and Irrfan Khan at 40th as well.

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