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Jilebi Review

Jilebi Review-Rating-Report-Jayasurya-Malayalam Movie 2015

Jilebi is the latest offering of actor Jayasurya which hit the screens of Kerala yesterday. Another newcomer had made his debut as a director through this film in Mollywood and his name is Arun Shekhar. Jayasurya was going through a lean patch for last few months and even his good films went unnoticed during this time. But he really showed the skill as an actor through mind blowing performances like in Kumbasaram. But to remain as a star he badly needs a hit and that is why Jilebi has become so important to him. The flick has been financed by East coast Vijayan under the banner of East Coast productions.

To say honestly Jilebi one of the best entertainers that released recently and it will hopefully get the success which it deserves to get. The film tells a simple story with a good message and it is a gift for family audience and specially children. The situations are quite humorous and simple and presented with utmost honesty that has made every spectator to connect with the story and its narration. The story deals with the incidents when Pachu and Ammu, children of Shilpa, the character played by Remya Nambeesan comes in to the life of Sreekuttan (played by Jayasurya) who is a farmer and leading a simple life with keeping nature and agriculture close to his heart.

Shila is his cousin and she comes to Kerala with her children from Dubai and want to settle them at the school in Kodaikkanal. Sreekkuttan has to deal with the duty of handling the children and settle them at Kodaikkanal. From the very begining the mischievous children had made the life of sreekkuttan a lot harder than earlier. The life of Sreekuttan changes with the entry of these children and that forms the major part of the film. The biggest plus point of the film is the novelty in its theme and the honesty with which they approached it. They did not tried to create nothing extra ordinary but kept it simple and that gave an extra ordinary charm to the film.

Jayasurya was once again at his natural best and he is growing and growing as an actor with each and every film. Remya nambeeshan also done a good job as shilpa. Even though it is his first film Arun Shekhar had done the job precisely and we never fells that it is a movie by a debutant as he controlled the narration very well and told it with flexibility. Alby’s camera work was superb and he captured the natural beauty of Kerala with really fresh frames. Biji Pal’s music was another highlight as it really gave a Malayali touch in all its elements. But the real stars of the film is Master Gaurav and Baby Sayuri who played Paachu and Ammu. They both did a wonderful job and their innocent yet mischievous pranks on uncle Sreekuttan gives everyone that innocent humour which they want to see for long time.

Jilebi is a sweet film and a really sweet experience which makes you happy and will make you think a little bit as well about your children and childhood. After watching Jilebi or while watching it, each and every one can feel that they are experiencing a real Malayali effect as the song in the film says “Njanoru Malayali..”

Director : Arun Shekhar
Release Date : 31/7/2015
Cast : Jayasurya, Ramya Nambeesan, Master Gaurav, Sayuri

Review : Harikrishnan

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