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Kanthari is the recent release in Mollywood directed by Ajmal and starred by Shekhar Menon and Rachana Narayanankutty. This tells the story of Rani and Aamir played by Rachana Narayanankutty and Shekhar Menon. Rani or Kanthari is a bold girls from Kochi and the flick tells the story in the backdrop of kochi. The film shows us the incidents happens in the life of Kanathari aka Rani following all the elements from kochi like its slang, the habits of people there, their routine of life etc.

Rani grew up fighting with difficult situations in her and grown up as a bold girl as she had to suffer poverty and all kinds if dirty life situation a poor girl from the lower side of a city life can offer. She never bows down in front of any difficult situation that life presents in front of her and she had the guts to move on ignoring or overcoming every barrier.

Rani grew up as an adopted daughter of some prostitutes of the slums of Kochi and they tried to give her a decent living and educate her to save her herself from this life. But the situation wont allow them to fulfill their dream and every men who met her took their liberty to consider her as a dirty girl as they knew the background from which she is coming. AT last the fate makes her a chain-snatcher as she had to do it as her life made her to adopt that life.

Rachana Narayanankutty is good as Kanthari aka Rani as she gave a great portrayal of the character even though still needs improvement. But apart from her there is no one who can say that they had done justice to their roles. The technical sides like camera, music, editing and what not, everything was going down and down with each scene passes in the flick and altogether it went down as a huge disappointment or a disaster. It never keeps the audience engaging in it and at many times it felt that they had made this to test the patience of the spectators.

Kanthari, just avoid it and nothing more to say as nothing there is.

Director : Ajmal
Release Date : 26/6/2015
Cast : Rachana Narayanankutty, Shekhar Menon

Review : Ajith

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