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Lal Bahadhur Shasthri Review

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Lal Bahadhur Shasthri was a much awaited Movie Directed and written By debutant Rejishh Midhila and the leading star in this film is none other than Jayasurya, who is now one of the most bankable star in Mollywood. Jayasurya is doing good films one after the other and his last release Iyyobinte Pusthakam had become very popular and got him tremendous amount of appreciation.When coming to this film jayasurya did a wonderful performance eventhough it cant be compared to his last outing in Iyyobinte pusthakam . But Jayasurya with his brilliance and easy way of  acting made the character he played  better as much as he can in LBH.

We not want to tell much of the story of the film in this review as it will spoil the  entertaining elements  it had for the spectators. Lal, Bahadhur and Shastri ,the three central  characters done by Jayasurya, Nedumudi Venu and Aju Varghese  respectively, met accidentally and from there on they had to stay together to resolve a problem regarding a fortune they had got unexpectedly. As a debutant director  Rejishh Midhila had done a decent job as he managed to keep the audience to the edge of their seats till the end of the film.Rejishh succeeded in developing a simple plot in to something witty and worth watching .

Cinematography by Eldho Issac was good and as a newcomer he made a mark with his good work. Editing was not up to the mark  as the audience where really tired of connecting scenes on their own. Background scoring by Bijipal was good at times and the quality was uneven as it sometimes dropped to the level of irritating mixing up of instruments. Heroine of the film was a newcomer named Sandra Simon and honestly she had nothing to do in the film apart from standing here and there. The most impressive performance came from that child artist who played the role of  boy who was a lottery ticket seller. He was the real show stealer here and sure he will go miles with his great natural acting skills. Jayasurya’s son Adwaith had made his debut in this film as a character who played the Childhood of Jayasurya.

On the whole Lal Bahadhur Shasthri ended up as an average movie affair. Our recommendation is to watch the movie  without much expectations.

Director : Rejishh Midhila
Release Date : 21/11/2014
Cast : Jayasurya, Aju Varghese, Sandra Simon
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