Lavakusha : A fun film that is worth a watch!

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Lava Kusha: A fun film that is worth a watch!

Lava Kusha starring Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese in major roles has hit screens today. Neeraj debuts as a scriptwriter with this film, which falls under the genre of a spy-comedy. Nee Ko Njaa Chaa fame Gireesh Mano has directed this movie. Let’s see how Lava Kusha has turned out to be.

Two guys, who never call each other by their names, casually meet up at a bar in Chennai and hit it off over a couple of pegs. They decide to take their friendship to the next level. On their journey back home they come across another person and meeting him throws their lives into a topsy-turvy. They are forced to encounter a series of problems; how they overcome these issues forms the rest of the plot.

Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese have dispayed their fun act really well. Their spot on timing and brilliant on-screen chemistry is the USP of this movie. The duo’s performance helps in making Lava Kusha an entertaining watch. The ever dependable Biju Menon, as always, has performed his part superbly. Deepti Sati is also there in a crucial role. Felt that her dubbing could have been a lot better. Director Major Ravi and Vijay Babu are also part of the supporting cast.

Neeraj Madhav as a writer has impressed with how he has handled the humour portions. Some sequences looked a bit dragged. Technically, Lava Kusha is okayish with fine cinematography and decent music. Editing could have been more tight which would have given a more compact output.

Overall, the movie stays true to the makers’ claims and gives wat is expected of a comedy entertainer. Watch Lava Kusha for Aju Varghese-Neeraj Madhav duo’s fun filled perfomances.

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