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Mythri Malayalam Review

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Mythri, the Malayalam dubbed version of this film had released today all over Kerala and it was not at all a hyped one even though the film had become a great success in Kannada language in which it originally made and now it is being touted as one of the best film ever made in Sandalwood. But the factor which made all malayalees to took much interest in the film is the presence of our own universal star and the complete actor of Indian cinema Mr. Mohanlal in a key role. Even though it was more like an extended cameo role the character had significance in the course of the story. After hearing the great reviews in Kannada many people are waiting for the release of Malayalam dubbed version to see the much appreciated film from Kannada with our super star playing an important role in that success.

After watching the Malayalam version of the film the first thought came to my mind was that this should have been made in Malayalam as well. Such a fantastic story and screenplay and the theme which it discusses was universal. In Mollywood where more and more class and thought provoking films were made, this one will be more effective and may become a topic of discussion more than it did in Kannada. But a dubbed version means it will not be able to create that punch or impact which it can create big time with its natural Malayalam version. For Malayalam version they had shot some scenes including Kalabhavan Mani who played the negative character named Kala Prathapan.

The highlight of the film was really its screenplay and direction by B.M Giriraj which realistic as well as entertaining. He perfectly narrated the story with the visuals aptly needed for the film. The performances of the lead characters are its real strength. Mohanlal as Mahadev Menon a scientist who lost his son and all set to take vengeance upon the ones who did it was super to say the least. He once again made the whole world to realize that he don’t even want much scenes or dialogues to make us spellbound with his unbelievable natural acting and only he can create such huge impact this easily in Indian Cinema.

Atul Kulkarni was another one who impressed and he again proved that what a strong and powerful actor he is. Puneet Rajkumar was as good as anyone in this flick even though there were no such scenes which really challenged him or he really had to get out of his skin to do it. But the surprise package of the film was the artist who played the role of Sidhartha the child from the juvenile home. His name is Aditya and the child artist was terrific as Sidhu. The actor who played the role of Johnson, then our Kalabhavan Mani etc also did a fantastic job. The songs by Ilayaraja was also up to the mark.

Mythri is really a thought provoking film and a class act which you can’t miss. We spend lots of money to see other language films which are just masala entertainers and nothing much, specially from Kannada or Telugu. But Mythri is a change for you, a real change and we mean it. Go for it and don’t miss it.

Director : B.M Giriraj
Release Date : 12/6/2015
Cast : Mohanlal, Puneet Rajkumar, Bhavana

Review : Harikrishnan

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