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Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan Review

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Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan is the first directorial venture of Shibu Balan with Sreenivasan and Sangeetha in the central roles. Sreenivasan and Sangeetha are joining hands for another movie after their successful flick Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala. Sreenivasan handles the script work and the dialogues of the movie.

Venu played Sreenivasan is an ordinary man who has returned from Gulf.  But, he faces financial problems after returning from Gulf since he has spent chunk of his fortune for his siblings. But, his siblings distance themselves from their brother after realizing that he is in a poor financial condition. However, he gets support from his wife Sunitha played by Sangeetha which is his only solace.  He starts to work as a security in an apartment complex.

His daughter Swati has only one dream in her life and that is to become a doctor. She even threatens to kill herself if he is not able to secure a medical seat. This makes Venu panic and he desperately wants to help his daughter fulfill her dream. It is at this time, he remembers about a property he has owned a few years ago. He makes up his mind to sell the property so that he will get enough money for his daughter’s education.  But, he finds it hard to do so due to various reasons and this makes the core of the plot.

Sreenivasan has always made it a point to expose the dark side of the politics and our present social conditions through his movies. This movie is no different and deals with numerous problems a common man has to face in our society. He also takes a jibe at the corruption in politics. But, it does not have the impact his other movies had and fails to provide with something worth remembering. To begin with, it is hard to digest that the protagonist has simply forgotten about a property that could provide him with handsome money.

The director has failed to give a satisfactory explanation for this. There are many sequences in the movie, which is not in accordance with the logic.This is quite shocking considering that the movie has Sreenivasan who always makes an attempt to keep his movie as realistic as possible.  Even the comic sequences are not good enough to make the audience laugh uncontrollably.

Sreenivasan and Sangeetha have done a fair job in the movie. Innocent, Lal, Manoj.K.Jayan and Joy Mathew are ok but their characters have nothing refreshing to do. The screenplay and dialogue by Sreenivasan is not up to his usual standard and we get the feeling that Sreenivasan is gradually becoming repetitive in his treatment of the subject. The movie is not a second rate one, but it fails to create interest in the audience.

Director : Shibu Balan
Release Date : 25/12/2014
Cast : Sreenivasan, Sangeetha, Innocent, Lal

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