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OK Kanmani Review

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OK Kanmani, The much awaited kollywood flick of this year directed by Mani Ratnam and starred by Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon had hit the screen today all over. The film has a great crew including the music maestro A R Rahman who composed the songs and P C Sreeram who cranked the camera for this film. If you ask us to say about the film in a single sentence we will say it is a decent film and a one-time watchable flick for the youth or romantic film lovers.

The plot of the film revolves around Aadhi and Thaara who is he representatives of our modern free thinking young generation. Both are living in the city of Mumbai where they meet and become friends. As they both share common ideas and think like the same they decides to live together but without the formality of a marriage. But later their view about life began to change as something begins to change between them. Then the film gives you the answer of will they get married or not and how they solve the problems which had arisen between them.

The film was an ok one if you watch it without the burden of expectation that Mani Ratnam’s great earlier films gave you over these years. Writing was good but not great. It is good in the sense that it had brilliantly given space to characters played by Prakashraj and Leela Samason named Ganapathy and Bhavani respectively and connected it well with the story of Aadhi and Thaara. But the writing failed to keep up the pace of the film which lagged at many parts. The background scoring by A R Rahman was also not up to the expected level as it sometimes gave the feel of lost in Synchronization.

And about the performance we can say that our lead payer had did a good job as they both essayed their character in the best way possible and their chemistry had worked out very well. Dulquer and Nithya really gave youthful energy which needed for the characters. Prakashraj and Leela samason also done their part to perfection and DOP PC Sreeram was really captured the frame with all its beauty. A R Rahman’s songs were good and totally the technical side and the performance really gave a boost to the film. But if we consider the pre-release expectation and hype it was not that OK and ended as a passable film which will not disappoint you and also not satisfy you fully.

Director : Mani Ratnam
Release Date : 17/4/2015
Cast : Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menon, Prakash Raj

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