Pullikkaran Staraa Review : A passable movie that offers nothing new!

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Pullikkaran Staraa Review : A passable movie that offers nothing new!

When it was reported that Mammootty is teaming up with Shyam Dhar, who had an impressive debut with the dark thriller 7th Day, expectations were on the higher side. With the promos and teasers, the makers had made it clear that Pullikkaran Staraa is poles apart from 7th Day. Let’s see how it actually turned out to be..

Pullikkaran Staraa is the story of Rajakumaran, who is falsely being given the image of a womaniser in his native place in Idukki. To escape this name he moves to Kochi, where he lands as a teachers’ trainer. There he comes across Manjari teacher (Asha Sarath) and Manjima (Deepti Sati). How their presence brings about some changes in his life is what is discussed in Pullikkaran Staraa.

Newbie Ratheesh Ravi has scripted this movie which the makers claim to be ‘feel good’ one. However, lackluster writing and the overflow of clichés has backfired for the movie. There are a few interesting scenes like when Rajakumaran uses some of his tricks while teaching. Shyam Dhar has not been able to bring out a quality movie that the audience would have expected. Songs as well as the humour looked forced in and did not gel with the movie.

On the performance side, Rajakumaran posed no challenged for the amazing actor in Mammootty. He looks handsome as ever and over a point we get a feeling that the makers hav just tried to exploit his good looks. The lead ladies Asha Sharath and Deepti Sati were also impressive. The supporting characters played by Innocent and Dileesh Pothan lacked depth and the actors did not much to perform.

Pullikkaran Staraa is actually a mixup of the so called ‘feel goodness’ and excessive preaching. If not a hardcore Mammootty fan, you can easily skip this movie.

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