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Rasam, is the new release in Mollywood today directed by Rajeenath and Indrajith playing the lead role in the film. But the film is in the news for the cameo role of none other than the Universal star Mohanlal in the film. Mohanlal played as himself in the film after Manu uncle and Kadak Kadannoru Mathukkutty. Rajeevnath is renowned director who had won the national award for best actor and whose films always get great critical receptions. But after coming to the 21st century he does not able to keep his own standard and delivered not so good films recently. His last film which got great critical reception was Pakal Nakshatrangal starring Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and Anoop Menon. It was Anoop Menon’s first film as script writer too. Rajive Nath’s last outing was also end in failure which was David And Goliathwith Anoop menon and Jayasurya in the lead roles.

This film Rasam does not have much pre-release promotion as its only attraction was the extended cameo role of Mohanlal. There was not much expectations on the film as well. The story of the film is rather a simple one which revolves around the character of Indrajith who comes in to UAE to make a Malayali feast and there he involves in a chain of incidents. Indrajith comes there to find his love and that search of his results in the chain of unexpected events which form the crux of the plot.

Mohanlal only have 5-6 scenes and he as usual stole the show with whatever he got to perform. He is one among the rare league of actors who can make something out of emptiness and here too in the script there was nothing for him to do but he made his presence felt with his unique style of dialogue delivery and mannerisms. Indrajith does not have much to perform either.

The visuals were average and music by Job Kurian was not at all bad.The dialogues for the film is written by actor Nedumudi Venu who had role to play also. But we have to say that the film never gone up from an average level of story –telling and also we can feel the helplessness of the director who got a poor script to handle. Still it is a one -time watchable film for its simplicity, feel good presentation style and for Mohanlal’s presence.

Director : Rajeevnath
Release Date : 23/1/2015
Cast :Mohanlal, Indrajith, Nedumudi Venu
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