Sherlock Toms: A fun entertainer from Shafi and team

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Sherlock Toms: A fun entertainer from Shafi and team

After the successful Rakshadhikari Baiju, Biju Menon is back with another entertainer – Sherlock Toms. The movie is directed by hit maker Shafi. Its story is penned by Najeem Koya and the dialogues are written by Shafi. Sachi, Shafi and Najeem Koya have jointly written the screenplay for this movie, produced by Global United Media. Shafi has always been knwon for his comedy entertainers and Sherlock Toms also promised to be one. Let’s see how the movie has turned out to be.

The movie tells the story of Thomas, someone who is inspired by the legendary fictional character Sherlock Holmes. He wishes to become an IPS officer but manages to get into IRS (Indian Revenue Service). Thomas leads a not-so-happy marital life. The core plot kicks off with a case that affects his whole life.

Biju Menon has yet again given an effortless performance. His character Thomas does not prove to be a challenge for this wonderfully talented actor. Srinda and Miya George were also good but the latter only had a very short screen time. Harish Kanaran, Salim Kumar and director Rafi evoke a few genuine laughs. Though the humour does not match up to some of Shafi’s previous films, Sherlock Toms still has some good fun moments. The movie has equal doses of emotions, drama, humour and thrill.

Technically, Sherlock Toms have nothing much to boast about. Bijibal’s songs and Rahul Raj’s background score were mediocre. Overall, Sherlock Toms is a good entertaining watch. Biju Menon’s following among the families will clearly help the movie in doing some great business

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