Theevandi Review: A neatly packed wholesome entertainer

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Theevandi Review: A neatly packed wholesome entertainer

After postponing the release multiple times, Tovino Thomas’ ‘Theevandi’ finally hit screens on Friday. The movie is directed by debutant TP Fellini and scripted by Vini Viswa Lal of ‘Second Show’ and ‘Koothara’ fame. Some interesting promos and the sensational hit song ‘Jeevamshamayi’ has helped a great deal with the pre-release buzz. Let’s see if Theevandi reaches its destination safely.

Set in the fictional village of Pullinad, ‘Theevandi’ tells the story of a chain-smoker. The protagonist, Bineesh Damodar, is someone who leads a lethargic life lazing around with his friends doing small-time politics. He is involved in a relationship with his high school sweetheart and they soon get engaged. It is not too long before Bineesh’s smoking causes a jolt in their relationship. Unforeseen circumstances force Bineesh to quit smoking; whether he is able to do that forms the rest of the plot.

Despite the predictability, ‘Theevandi’ works well as an entertainer thanks to the overall packaging. The first half is very interesting with the unfolding of how Bineesh becomes a chain-smoker. The back story is convincing and never tries to go overboard. It is the latter half that has some insipid moments with the political-satire portions kicking in. In spite of all that, the movie does manage to keep us engaged.

Just like in ‘Koothara’ and ‘Second Show’, writer Vini Viswa Lal has once again tried to break the clichés. Debutant TP Fellini has paid good attention to detailing with some interesting Easter eggs. The movie has some fine humour portions and due credits to the actors as well.

Tovino Thomas with a spirited performance is the life of the movie. Though it is a simple guy-next-door role, the actor still manages to make an impression with his earnestness. His performance in a particular portion before the interval where he vents out his frustration and helplessness was brilliant. Samyuktha Menon has also done her part well except for the emotional bit where she faltered. Sudhesh’s perfomance as the lazy uncle guy was a revelation. Seasoned actors like Suraj Venjaramoodu, Saiju Kurup, Surabhi and Shammy Thilakan have justified their casting. Another notable actor was the one who played the role of Safar; he was superb with his funny one-liners.

It will be a crime if any review of ‘Theevandi’ goes without mentioning Kailas Menon’s music. Apart from the heavenly ‘Jeevamshamayi’, the movie also has some lovely foot-tapping tracks and they all jell well with the narrative.

Overall, ‘Theevandi’ is a film that has all the necessary ingredients of a clean entertainer. It has its share of flaws but those can be easily overlooked. Entertainment guaranteed.

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