Aaveg: One of a Kind

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Aaveg: One of a Kind

Aaveg is an inter-hostel fest conducted for the first years, by the first years, in the lush campus of NIT Tiruchirapalli. This year, in 2019, with “Channeling Fury” being the tagline, the hostels are ready to unleash their inner demons, they host the 6th edition of Aaveg from the 1st to the 3rd of February. Seeing crowds of over a thousand people and more than 5000 followers on various social media handles, Aaveg’s growth in the recent years has been exponential. Aaveg means impulse, which indicates the impetus that the fest has in the bonding of the students coming from various parts of the country, or rather, the world.

Aaveg NIT Trichy stills

Aaveg has proven itself to be one of a kind, because though its participation is limited to the first years of the college alone, it has produced quite the turnout. The event has never failed to bring out the best in all sorts of talented students in the institution, and seeks out the competitive ones who are ready to take on a task to win it for their team. The students compete against those from other hostels, hence showing their spirit for the place they live in. There are five hostels in all for the first years, and to ensure fair play, fair rules and ensure an overall enjoyable tournament, teams of students work meticulously in organizing the events, writing content and designing posters for publicity and hype. The students have taken on Aaveg as the first main event in their college life, and feel that it is not just a fest; it is more of an emotion. The students get to learn new activities in the mass participation events, and get real-time experience with challenging rules and debacles. Aaveg prides itself on the all-round challenges that it poses to the students, ranging from sports events, cultural events, literary events, design contests and so much more, giving every individual a fair opportunity to express their talent and make the best out of it.

The opportunities that they open are bountiful, but not restricted to the students of the campus, but also to performers. Last year, a Chennai-based rock band, Spotlight, conducted a concert here at NIT Trichy, as part of Aaveg. This is just a glimpse into what the fest is capable of, and what the students aim to achieve.

Aaveg provides for an environment of respite, relief and self-discovery for the students of NIT Trichy.

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