Mohanlal victimized in Saritha Nair issue

Mohanlal victimized in Saritha Nair issue-Onlookers Media

If you ask us a question that who is the mollywood actor who had been attacked by certain online medias the most number of times and that too without any credibility and authenticity behind that attack, our answer will be Mohanlal, the complete actor of Malayalam film industry. We know you all are thinking the same way as we did and it has to be like that as we are seeing this together for a long time. And now it’s the time for reacting against targeting a person who has been a legend in our film indian film industry, a great artist and pride of every keralites for last 36 years and still counting more with his indescribable talent.

The new controversy or the fire that triggered the attack is regarding the biggest burning issue of our political circle which is going on for some time. As you all know It is the issue regarding Saritha S nair and Solar case. For some days the issue regarding Saritha’s leaked letter is the toping the headlines of all the leading medias and the speculations is doing the rounds about the names she mentioned in that letter which created all these controversy.

But out of the blue, last day some medias came out with the news that the letter has Mohanlal’s name in it and they also said that the letter said that Mohanlal had used Saritha in an immoral way. But apart from those two not so popular medias no other leading and trustable media said that alleged news and people who loves Mohanlal got very much agitated by this online fake journalism and later in another media a clarification from Saritha itself had come that Mohanlal is innocent in this matter and she don’t even had met Mohanlal till now. She said that some media using the facts in a wrong way to target Mohanlal and she is going to take legal action against those medias as well.

We don’t know which media is telling the truth. But we know onething that the medias which is publishing and spreading this news has no trustworthy and authentic proof at all to prove their allegations. As far as we are concerned we are seeing Mohanlal for the past 36 years and the love and respect everyone had for him is enormous. These fake allegations will not wash away a single bit from that love and respect for him.

Now a days it had become a trend to put Mohanlal’s name in every controversy even if he had nothing to do with it at all. Their aim was to use his unbelievable popularity or the reach his name can give to their pages.  It can’t go this way and this has to end as people had already furious against these medias and one more attack like this against Mohanlal can really give way to terrible consequences for those medias.

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