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Watch: Ashwin Kumar grooves to Vaathi Coming on treadmill

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Watch: Ashwin Kumar grooves to Vaathi Coming on treadmill

Actor Ashwin Kumar’s treadmill dance for ‘Annathe Aadurar’ song from the film ‘Apoorva Sahodharangal’ had recently gone viral across social medias. Ashwin got the vintage Kamal Haasan’s mannerisms spot on while dancing on a treadmill. The video was shared by many top celebrities including the legend Kamal himself. Impressed by Ashwin’s efforts, the Ulaganayagan had tweeted the video and remarked that it felt like one of the greatest tributes he has got. He also added that he is proud of Ashwin like a father would be of his son. He concluded with best wishes for his next generation to go beyond his benchmarks.

Meanwhile, upon popular demand from his followers, Ashwin is back with a new treadmill dance video. This time it is the trending ‘Vaathi Coming’ song from Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Master’. In an all black look, Ashwin is seen dancing gracefully while also trying to recreate some of Vijay’s cute mannerisms.

Ever since the album release of ‘Master’, the track ‘Vaathi Coming’ has become quite a rage. The song has found huge acceptance especially among kids and youngsters. Thanks to the minimal yet quirky lyrics penned by Ka Ka Balachander and Anirudh Ravichander’s terrific beats, the song instantly lifts up the mood. It is most likely to be Vijay’s introduction song in the film.

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