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Wolfman: A milestone in Malayalam short film domain!

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Wolfman: A milestone in Malayalam short film domain!

Short films are generally considered as a stepping stone to enter the real world of cinema. In Malayalam film industry, successful filmmakers like Alphonse Puthren, Basil Joseph and Girish AD started their journey by making short films. The latest sensation in the Malayalam short film circle is ‘Wolfman’, an action film made by Ben Sebastian aka Bennie Bwoie.

‘Wolfman’ is unlike the usual short films made in Malayalam, most of which fall under the romance, comedy or thriller genre. This is a pure action film sans any dialogues. What makes it stand out is the quality of the stunts and how incredibly it has been shot. The film runs at a breakneck speed for 12 minutes and it has nothing but thrilling action. The narrative also doesn’t follow the usual 3-act structure and hence no reasoning is given for the events that occur.

‘Wolfman’ is a perfect example in how professional a project can be executed with limited resources. Director Ben Sebastian himself has edited the film and Sachu Kusumalayalm handled the camera. Sound design and mixing is a very integral part of this film and Anish P Tom has done a brilliant job in creating an action-packed atmosphere.

‘Wolfman’ is indeed an achievement considering the budget constraints and other lack of resources.

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