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563 St Charles Street: Tovino’s new film is a horror thriller

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563 St Charles Street: Tovino’s new film is a horror thriller

Recently, Tovino Thomas had announced his new film ‘563 St Charles Street’. Debutant Rony Roy is directing the movie and is produced by B Rakesh of Universal Cinema. It is touted to be a crossover film, which is a first in Tovino’s career. Interestingly, it is a horror thriller that is based on real life events. As per the makers, it is a blend of horror and mystery and the film is set completely in the US.

Director Rony Roy has penned the story and screenplay is by Sangeeth Jain. Crossover films are a rarity in a small-scale industry like Malayalam. Crossover genre movies give an authentic portrayal of the ways of living in a cross-cultural set up. Such films explore the different value systems and beliefs that emerge when a person or a community crosses cultural boundaries. Last year’s Prithviraj starrer ‘Ranam’ was publicised as a crossover film.

It must be noted that the core team of technicians from ‘Ranam’ have been retained for ‘563 St Charles Street’ as well, which includes cinematographer Jigme Tenzing, composer Jakes Bejoy and editor Sreejith Sarang

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