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Once in the year 2010 three youngsters become friends through the social networking site called “Facebook”. What was the common thing between them..? Or what made them friends..? Only one answer. Its cinema. They think only about cinema, dreamed only about cinema, talked only about cinema. In other words they eat, drink and sleep with cinema in their thoughts and deeds.

One of their discussion point was that how cinema can reach to more people or what they can do to help cinema to reach to more and more people. They studied about the film industry, analysed promotional strategies, done a lot of home work and at last they decided to start a new venture called “Onlookers Media”. It was the child of their thoughts and dreams. It was the child of their passion for cinema. They were motivated to do their best to make their “child of passion”, the best. Yes, Its our dream child, Onlookers Media.

Just as the title suggests it is your media. It is peoples own media. Those who love films, or want to know about new films can get all of those in our website. You all can get anything related to films here. Latest movie newses, latest stills from the new films and all about new films including its reviews. You can get this all in one click and for that, our “Onlookers Media” for you. Now cinema will reach to your home through our page. We are trying our best to make it as useful and as user friendly as it can be.

We are not doing it as a business. Film is an art, not business for us. WE want to help films to reach more and more hearts, get more and more attention and thereby help our Malayalam film industry to reach new highs. By God’s grace and all of your support and prayers we had the luck to be a part of more than 100 Films in last four years. We want to find and show new methods of film marketing and we are sure that with all your support we will find unique ways of film promotion and we will be able to help our cinema to reach to more wider world with its wings spread with elan. Afterall its our “Child of passion”. Onlookers Media is a mirror that reflects the magic in silver screen and through this mirror You all can Enjoy that magic and we are all the way proud about that and thankful to our strength ,that is You all.


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